Kopf KF6163: Muzan, Kokushibo, and More Demons From Kimetsu No Yaiba/Demon Slayer Minifigures Preview

KF1725 – Hantengu
KF1726 – Daki
KF1727 – Giyuutarou
KF1728 – Kokushibo
KF1729 – Tsukikuni Yoriichi
KF1730 – Kaigaku
KF1731 – Douma
KF1732 – Kibutsuji Muzan
KF1733 – Kibutsuji Muzan

WM, POGO, and Kopf have released Demon Slayer Minifigures in the past. This batch of demons though seem to be the first for these characters though, yay!

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