GH-Brand G0111: Star Wars Various Battle Droids Minifigures Preview

GH0081 – Salvaged Battle Droid
GH0082 – Super Battle Droid
GH0083 – Super Battle Droid
GH0084 – IG-88
GH0085 – Star Wars Battle Droid
GH0086 – Star Wars Battle Droid
GH0087 – Star Wars Battle Droid
GH0088 – Star Wars Battle Droid

Maybe these will be the best fake Lego Battle Droids in terms of quality? The ones from POGO felt really flimsy and seemed like they were made from cheap plastic. On the other hand, GH Brand and XINH have been producing high quality plastic Minifigures.

Just uploading this while we update our XINH/GH-Brand Minifigure set list!

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