GH-Brand G0109, G0110: 2 Waves of Minecraft Minifigures Preview

GH0065 – Minecraft Ghast
GH0066 – Horse Breeder
GH0067 – Royal Knight
GH0068 – Minecraft Baker
GH0069 – Minecraft Spelunker
GH0070 – Minecraft Snowman
GH0071 – Minecraft Pilot
GH0072 – Camel Knight
GH0073 – Minecraft Explorer
GH0074 – Minecraft Ocelot
GH0075 – Minecraft Farmer
GH0076 – Minecraft Panda
GH0077 – Minecraft Kai
GH0078 – Minecraft Villager
GH0079 – Alpaca Herder
GH0080 – Minecraft Villager

Just uploading this while we update our XINH/GH-Brand Minifigure set list!

Are some of these designs crossover designs like that Minecraft Ninjago Kai design? The others though, like the Villager and Ghast are true mobs in the Minecraft game. Nonetheless, Minecraft Lego collectors will be happy to see some of these designs as easy and affordable additions to their collections.

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