G Brand G0041-G0048: The Suicide Squad (2021) Minifigures Preview

Lego DC Suicide Squad Minifigures with a Lego Starro for Minifigure faces. Includes Mongul, Blackguard, Polka Dot Man, Javelin

It’s been a while since we saw a preview of Lego Super Heroes Minifigures, especially from “obscure” DC characters. It’s nice to see G/XINH doing this!

That Starro accessory for Minifigure faces is also an amazing idea! Absolutely perfect. Can’t wait to see how it’ll look in real life and if hair pieces will get in the way.

G0041 – Amanda Waller with Starro
G0042 – Thinker with Starro
G0043 – Javelin
G0044 – Arm-Fall-Off-Boy
G0045 – Blackguard
G0046 – Polka Dot Man
G0047 – Savant
G0048 – Mongul with Starro

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