Duo Le Pin DLP565: Custom Marvel Minifigures and Combiner Builds Preview

Custom Lego Marvel Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man Minifigures and Combining Mecha

Duo Le Pin used to be one of the best, in terms of quality and designs, knockoff Lego brands. Now, it’s been known to release Minifigures with no back prints and designs that are just repeats. This DLP 565 set though has some unique variants. Only Iron Man here seems to be an old variant, but it could also be different based on those leg prints.

However, if you’re not into collecting variants, these are easy skips for you. Plus, DLP sets have been difficult to find online.

It’s also worth noting that while many DLP Minifigures don’t have back prints anymore, from my experience only the ones from 8-in-1 Minifigure-only sets lack back prints while these Minifigs in sets that focus on builds still have complete prints. Hopefully, it’s the same for this set.

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