DTB: The Problem With [Some] Hard-Plastic Minifig Capes

fake lego starfox lego harry styles from gotg 3 custom minifig

The problem is that the cape ends up hitting studs behind the legs. This makes it difficult to display such Minifigures on wide plates. An easy solution is to add a 2×1 plate to elevate the Minifigure, but that will make them look taller. Another solution is to have tiles behind them instead of studs.

I think other brands have created similar capes, but are shaped in a way that they don’t end up blocking studs behind. This is something I hope more brands do!

This isn’t really a complaint though, since I still appreciate what XINH has done with this Starfox Minifigure. Hard-plastic capes look better in many instances, and it’s always easy to replace these with cloth capes in cases that you prefer them.

What are your thoughts on hard-plastic capes?

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