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DTB: Returning To The Lego-Collecting Hobby

This post is probably just a shameless plug for my Instagram account, lol!

It’s been a while since I visited the site, but I haven’t really stopped collecting. It’s sad though that there haven’t been a lot of new stuff for Marvel collectors, but the Anime collectors seem to be having a great time!

But what was a bit sad for me was that I got a Foldio light box back in June, but didn’t really have the time to use it since then. So a few days ago, when I had some free time, I brought it out and took pictures of some of my favorite Minifigures with no real goal!

Had a ton of fun, even though my pictures didn’t come out as nice as I would’ve wanted them to.

I typically edit and adjust these on my phone before posting them on Instagram, so please forgive the not-so-good quality on this post, wahaha.

If you guys want to try out taking pictures too, I recommend the Foldio! But there are cheaper options in AliExpress that I have actually tried before too! I know Minifigures are small, but I would recommend picking bigger-than-needed lightboxes to give you more allowance. Here’s some I spotted:
(These are affiliate links so I’ll earn a bit if you purchase these, but I highly encourage you to get the best deal for you, wherever that store might be!)

I also found the time to have a movie date last Wednesday and watch The Marvels! In the mall’s cinema area, these were on display and it just further fueled my interest in the hobby!

Using hook hands for Alligator Loki’s horns is so smart!

Anyway, send me a follow on Instagram and if I end up seeing you post Lego images there, I’ll probably follow too!

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