DTB DFB031: Marvel’s Bonsai Master (Hit-Monkey Villain) Minifigure MOC/Figbash

Custom lego Marvel Bonsai Master from Marvel's Hit-Monkey show

Bonsai Master was one of the many villains in the animated Marvel show, Hit-Monkey. I really enjoyed that show and wanted more Minifigures inspired by that show.

Parts used:
Helmet – Autobot Drift with modified “horns” (PG1888)
Armor – Praetorian Guard (PG816-PG818)
Base body – Red Samurai (WM2016, but you can use the other Samurai Figures from WM)
Others – Generic

I don’t think he exists in the comics universe, or at least not in this form. The only design reference I have is this shot from the show:

marvel's bonsai master, villain of hit-monkey superhero

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