DTB DFB024: Marvel’s Silver Samurai (Wolverine Villain) Minifigure MOC/Figbash

Lego Marvel Minifigure of Silver Samurai, Wolverine's enemy and ally.

Yeah, he’s not as silver as I would’ve wanted. I just really love the character and wanted a Minifigure of him.

As main inspiration, I decided to merge the concepts of his comics design, his movie design, and some traditional Japanese Samurai designs. Those and we’re a bit limited with the available silver and samurai parts we can use for Minifigure Figbash characters.. Hahaha.

Silver Samurai, also known as Kenuichio Harada, is known as both hero and villain in Marvel comics. He’s a samurai with a samurai armor infused with Adamantium, the same indestructible metal found in Wolverine’s bones. He has a very rich history around his character and it’s a shame he was disappointing in the solo Wolverine movie we had a couple of years ago.

DFB is a rebranding of our old DownTheBlocks DTB MOC/Figbash Minifigures. We posted 383 Minifigures in our old blog and you can see them all here. For this new DownTheBlocks FigBash segment, we’ll add new Figbash designs and repost some of our old favorites from DTB MOCs.

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