Comparison: Various Thor Love And Thunder Minifigures From Different Brands

These are the official Lego Thor Love and Thunder Minifigures… so far.

So far, these brands have made at least one wave of Thor Love and Thunder Minifigures:
Kopf, Koruit, XINH, WM.

Kopf was the first to release, and it seems like Valkyrie and Korg are heavily based on Lego’s designs, but with slight modifications (cape for Valkyrie and “hair” for Korg). The highlight of that set, in my opinion, is King Thor, wrongly labeled as Odin. He’s a character from the comics though, and not an MCU design.

KORUIT previewed their Thor set next. I think it’s a great mix of details and the simplicity of Lego’s designs. I look forward to the new weapon molds with this set though. They’re also the first to make a Zeus [from Marvel] Minifigure!

XINH then previewed their own take on the new Thor movie. They’re probably the simplest across all these designs, minus Lego’s, and that’s a good thing for lots of collectors. They’ll fit in your Lego collection more seamlessly than some of these overly-detailed Minifigures.

WM was the latest to preview their Thor Minifigures. Beta Ray Bill is someone I’ve been wanting for so long, and I’m glad WM is making him available to a lot of us! Usually, I don’t like WM’s face prints as they look a bit too detailed, but these seem to be leaning toward the simpler side now, which is great!

I’ll probably pick them all up once available, and try to create a comparison review of them all. I was also lucky enough to have been given the [smaller] Lego Thor Love and Thunder set as a gift, so I already have 3 of the 5 official Minifigures! This will be a great opportunity to compare the quality of Lego and fake Lego/Lego-alternative brands from China.

Let me know below which brand you’re most excited for! And which figures you desperately want or want to avoid!

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