AliExpress Blocks: Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle MOC Build

A Pulse Rifle build from the Aliens franchise.
The iconic Pulse Rifle from Aliens.
Clever ammo counter!
Removable magazine and shells!
Even the display stand looks cool!

This is an amazing build, and from afar it doesn’t even look like a Lego build!

While the design is great, we can’t give credit to the AliExpress store as this was a build from Rebrickable. As always, we highly urge you to purchase the instructions from Rebrickable to support the designer! Then, just get the parts from AliExpress for cheaper parts + one-time shipping.

Find it on AliExpress!

AliExpress Blocks, a DTB segment formerly known as AliExpress Finds, shares previews of accessories or sets whose brands we can’t identify clearly but might be interesting to collectors. Using our affiliate AliExpress link to purchase items will also help fund our blog at no additional cost to you!

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