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XINH G0126: Peter B. Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man, 1962 Spider-Man, and More Spider-Verse Minifigs Preview

custom lego marvel spider-man across the spider-verse gh xinh fake lego minifigs g0126

GH0199 – Peter B. Parker
GH0200 – Scarlet Spider / Ben Reilly
GH0201 – Spectacular Spider-Man
GH0202 – Spider-Man Noir
GH0203 – Spinneret
GH0204 – Insomniac PS5 Spider-Man
GH0205 – Spider-Man Unlimited
GH0206 – 1962 Spider-Man

I also love that XINH keeps adding new, unique, and interesting accessories to their Minifigures! Now we have so many choices for web pieces and even Spider Sense! That’s innovation from a “fake Lego” brand and would love to see the same from other brands too!

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